soeb-Newsletter #2 (July 29, 2014)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues: 

With this second newsletter of the research network "Socioeconomic Reporting" (soeb3) we would like to inform you of the most important current events within the project work.

The first workshop discussion on the topic "Consumption and sustainability in socioeconomic reporting" took place in Goettingen on June 2 and 3, 2014. Workshop discussions are an event format, which allows an exchange between the professional public and decision-makers about crucial topics outside of the network.

The first group of topics focused on the issue of the definition and measurement of consumption, a second group on ecologically sustainable consumption and a third on class-specific consumption. In a fourth group, the correlation between environmentally friendly consumption behaviour and social stratification was investigated. The latter workshop discussion was presented here.

A second workshop discussion entitled "Participation-oriented social reporting" is already in planning. It is set to take place in Goettingen on December 4-5, 2014, and will focus on the current challenges in social reporting. First, it will be discussed which standards social reporting creates for "the good life", and how socially legitimised standards are attained. Second, the question will be pursued as to how one can bridge the gap to clarified terms and practical operationalisations from complex guiding concepts that serve social reporting as normative and conceptual reference points. There exists for the network a special need for clarification in terms of what constitutes participation as a positive contradistinction to poverty and exclusion, and how individual scope of action can be introduced as a measured object in social reporting. Further information about the workshop discussion, such as the order of the day, etc., will be published here by instalments. Those interested will have the possibility to attend the workshop, however due to a limited number of participants, registration is requested.

On October 1, 2014 the network will meet for its second internal network session, working on synthesis with respect to the guiding concept of participation. Socioeconomic reporting needs a normative benchmark for evaluation for societal development at the micro-level of persons and households. The question as to what constitutes participation and how one may measure it is therefore an integrative issue of the report.

The soeb network will be represented with two congress presentations at this year's 37th Congress of the German Sociological Association (Routines of Crisis – Crisis of Routines, October 6-10 2014 in Trier). On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, Anja Wurdack and Dana Mueller from IAB (soeb work packages 8 and 12) will speak on the subject of "New registry data for poverty research" at the ad-hoc meeting "Crisis of data – Crisis of methods? Developments and trends in opening up new data sources through sociology". Andrea Hense from the University of Bielefeld (soeb work package 6) will give a presentation entitled "Social state reasons for perceived precarious employment" at the session "Revival or withdrawal? Social state in times of crises" as part of the section "Social Policy".

Furthermore, the soeb network will be present at the convention "Germany and Greece Jointly Researching for the Future. Better Understanding and Fighting Socioeconomic Effects of the Finance and Economic Crisis. Presentation and Discussion of Bilateral Research Projects", initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in Berlin on September 25, 2014.

Prof. Dr. Marcell Tyrell from the University of Friedrichshafen (soeb work package 2) will provide a commentary on the BMBF project  "REPOS – Reformability of Political Systems in Times of Crisis: The Example of the Financial Consolidation in German and Greek Municipalities”.

We thank you for your interest and are looking forward to your feedback, questions and further suggestions.

Yours faithfully,

the soeb network


Publications which are related to soeb:

  • Lehweß-Litzmann, René (2014): Capability as a yardstick for flexicurity. Using the Senian paradigm to evaluate a European policy agenda. Universitätsverlag Göttingen. (PDF)

Realised Lectures:

  • Bartelheimer, Peter: „Umbruch des Sozialmodells – Konsequenzen für Steuerung und Sozialplanung“. Vortrag auf der Jahrestagung 2014 des Vereins für Sozialplanung am 03.04.2014 in Fulda.
  • Wolter, Marc Ingo: „Sozioökonomische Modellierung (soem) auf Basis von INFORGE im Rahmen der sozioökonomischen Berichterstattung (soeb)“. Vortrag Input-Output-Workshop der GWS am 04.04.2014 in Osnabrück.
  • Becker, Irene: „Das Grundsicherungsniveau im Spiegel der Verteilung und normativer Setzungen“. Vortrag am 08.04.2014 auf der Fachtagung zum Thema „Wie viel braucht der Mensch zum Leben?“/ Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, DGB.
  • Wolter, Marc Ingo/ Drosdowski, Thomas: „Angebot und Nachfrage – Arbeitsmarktszenarien nach Berufsfeldern, Qualifikation und Erwerbsbeteiligung”. Vortrag im Rahmen der Tagungsreihe „Work-In-Progress“ am SOFI „Segmentation im Bildungs- und Erwerbssystem“, am 23./24.05.2014.
  • Müller, Dana: „Erwerbsverläufe und das SGB II“. Vortrag im Rahmen der Tagungsreihe „Work-In-Progress“ am SOFI „Segmentation im Bildungs- und Erwerbssystem“, am 23./24.05.2014.
  • Söhn, Janina: "Krankheit und soziale Ungleichheit im Lebensverlauf: Risiken der Erwerbsminderung und ihre wohlfahrtsstaatliche (Nicht-)Kompensation". Vortrag auf der 11. FDZ-Jahrestagung des Forschungsdatenzentrums der Rentenversicherung am 5./ 6.06.2014 in Berlin.
  • Bartelheimer, Peter: „Ungleiche Teilhabe - normativer Individualismus und kollektive soziale Lagen“. Vortrag Promotionskolleg "Leben im transformierten Sozialstaat", am 30.06.2014 in Düsseldorf.
  • Stöver, Britta/ Drosdowski, Thomas/ Wolter, Marc Ingo: “Socioeconomic consumption modelling in an input-output model”. Präsentation auf der 22. International Input-Output Conference, IIOA Network, am 15.07.2014 in Lissabon/ Portugal.
  • Lehr, Ulrike/ Drosdowski, Thomas/ Stöver, Britta/ Wolter, Marc Ingo: “Socioeconomic consumption modelling in an input-output model”. Präsentation auf der Konferenz “EcoMod”, EcoMod Network, am 16.07.2014 in Bali/ Indonesien.

Planned Lectures:

  • Leßmann, Ortrud/ Masson, Torsten: Vortrag „Equality and sustainable consumption in capability perspective“.Jahrestagung „Human Development in Times of Crisis“ der Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA) vom 1. – 5.09.2014 in Athen.
  • Lehweß-Litzmann, René: Vortrag „Capability as a yardstick for flexicurity“.Jahrestagung „Human Development in Times of Crisis“ der Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA) vom 1. – 5.09.2014 in Athen.
  • Schmidt, Tanja: Poster „Capabilities in Life Course“.Jahrestagung „Human Development in Times of Crisis“ der Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA) vom 1. – 5.09.2014 in Athen.
  • Drosdowski, Thomas: „Socioeconomic consumption modelling for the Reporting on socioeconomic development in Germany“ (soeb 3). Vortrag ESA Consumption Research Network Interim Meeting/ Research Network of Sociology of Consumption of the European Sociological Association. 03.09.2014 in Porto/ Portugal.
  • Hense, Andrea: „A Socio-Structural Explanatory Model of Self-Perceived Employment Risks“. Vortrag auf der „ECSR 2014 Conference: Social Inequalities in Europe – On the Rise Again?“ am 24.09.2014 in Berlin. WZB und Humboldt-Universität.
  • Schmidt, Tanja: „Capabilities in Life Course“. Poster auf der 4th International pairfam Conference zu „Linked life course transitions and family outcomes“ am 25.09.2019 in Köln.
  • Leßmann, Ortrud/ Masson, Torsten: „Equality and Sustainable Consumption in Capability Perspective“.  Vortrag auf der International Conference on Consumer Research am 29.09.2014 in Bonn. Verbraucherzentrale NRW.
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