soeb-Newsletter #1 (01.04.2014)

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to present to you this first edition of our newsletter, informing you about the main events since the research network began its work on the soeb 3 project.

The project's kick-off workshop on the 25th and 26th of November 2013 in Göttingen marked the start of of the collaborative effort of this network. It opened with a podium discussion with participants of various target groups of socioeconomic reporting: Dr Frauke Eckermann from the Federal Environment Agency, Dr Verena Liessem from the German Caritas Association, Norbert Schwarz from the Federal Statistical Office, Dr Stefan Weick from the GESIS Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences and Walter Werner from the Association for Social Planning. The discussion determined the expectations for the work to be done in the next three years. The observational concept as well as the role of the network in Germany's existing reporting systems were also topics of discussion. Participants have evaluated the soeb reporting format as beneficial: Its theoretical framework and overarching perspective differentiates soeb from other approaches and enables an analysis in a wider context. It is expected of soeb to participate in discussions on socially relevant indicators. The need for practical guidance and the 'translation' of research results for application on the local level were also emphasised. The network's participatory approach was seen as having a practical value in the area of social services. Visit the soeb-website for a documentation with further results of this productive discussion (link). After the podium discussion, network members shared ideas about the project's goals and methods in the framework of different work formats.fotos-auftakt

In the current project phase, the work of soeb is supervised by a Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of the following members: Eduardo Barredo (Eurostat), Prof Dr Heinz Bude (University of Kassel), Dr Roland Habich (WZB), Prof Dr Monika Jungbauer-Gans (University of Erlangen Nuremberg), Prof (emeritus) Dr Ruth Kaufmann-Hayoz (University of Bern), Prof Dr Ute Klammer (University Duisburg-Essen), Prof Dr Notburga Ott (University of Bochum) and Prof Dr Christoph Wolf (GESIS). The constituent meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board will take place on 9 April 2014 in Bonn. One of the topics of the meeting is the further development of the network and its tasks.

The analysis of the topic 'Consumption' in regard to participation and sustainability expands the themes of the Third Report when compared to the two previous reporting phases. The first workshop discussion, accompanying the project soeb 3, will deal with the following topic: On 2 and 3 June 2014, network members and non-network colleagues will share their ideas on the issue of 'Consumption and Sustainability in Socioeconomic Reporting'. A first group of topics tackles the issue of definition and how to measure consumption. The second theme group deals with ecologically sustainable consumption, the third handles class-specific consumption. The fourth theme group examines how these two schools of thought are interrelated: How does environmentally friendly consumer behaviour relate to social stratification? More detailed information about the event's concept and contributors can be found via the link to the soeb-website (link). Interested parties have the opportunity to take part in this event. The number of possible participants is limited; registration is required.

In its third stage of funding, the research network soeb 3 utilises the Virtual Research Environment (Virtuelle Forschungsumgebung VFU), which was specifically developed for the soeb. The project group 'Virtual Research Environment for Socioeconomic Reporting' (VFU soeb 3) presented this first operation-ready version to a broad professional audience on 24/01/2014 in Berlin. Moderated panels furthered an exchange of experiences with other VFU projects while topics such as the current state of research and Remote Data Access where discussed with representatives from the IT industry, research promotion agencies and data infrastructure. A documentation of the conference can be found on the soeb-website (link).

We appreciate your interest in our research and we would be delighted to read your feedback, inquiries and suggestions.

Yours faithfully,

the soeb network


Publications of this network:

  • Pfeiffer, Sabine (2014): Die verdrängte Realität: Ernährungsarmut in Deutschland. Hunger in der Überflussgesellschaft. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Lectures of this network:

  • Struck, Olaf/ Dütsch, Matthias: Atypische Beschäftigungen und berufliche Qualifikationsrisiken im Erwerbsverlauf. Jahrestagung des SAMF e.V. am 20./ 21.02.2014 in Berlin.

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