Workshop discussions 2010

Following our work on the first and second report about Germany’s socioeconomic development we have a more precise idea of what we really know about the altered interplay between economy, society and lifestyles – and what we do not (yet) know. We are now able to state more precisely how socioeconomic transformation affects the chances for participation and which direction efforts should take in order to make our reporting on it more conclusive. The consequences have to be publically discussed in collegial consultations amongst scientists. Experts representing different research and report approaches, different sets of economical and social data, but also different actors’ perspectives in politics and society will have to be drawn into our discussions (concerning the further development of our reporting) at an early stage. In our workshop discussions we will present the current state reached by our project. At the same time we want to openly and critically discus those questions and problems not solved by our first reports. The results are recorded here.

The research association is pursuing three objectives with this type of collegial consultation:

  • Concepts, core themes and topics for future reports have to be discussed early on in an extended circle. Good reporting, like good research, starts with putting the right questions. Potential users get the opportunity to formulate their questions and problems as demands on future reports. We are prepared to meet challenges, i.e. to answer questions like: What is there to be reported about? About what do we need to know more? In which respect can the concepts and methods of socioeconomic reporting be improved?
  • To clarify the relation to other approaches to reporting. In order to entertain a well-arranged relation of socioeconomic reporting to other approaches we will have to clarify the existing differences as well as the common features. That goes for the determining of the subject area, the use of the data infrastructure as well as the concepts for observation. The results will have to be exchanged and commented upon in order to coordinate our work as well as possible.
  • To extend the data basis and cooperative relations. The research association does not see itself as a closed society. It is in its own interest to identify common interests and to cooperate with other scientific institutions and data keeping bodies.

For the Second Report this concept was tested for the first time at six workshop discussions in 2006 and 2007 and it proved to be successful. A new series of workshop discussions started in 2010 serving as a preparation for the Third Report.

Enjoy yourself while having a look into our workshop discussions!


Workshop discussions 2010

  • Workshop discussion 2: production model and social model: institutionalized change and patterns of economic development (25th March 2010)
  • Workshop discussion 3: employment participation: system of employment and industrial production models (22nd/23rd April 2010)

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