Workshop Discussion „Sozioökonomie weiter denken: Projektionen und Szenarien zu Zuwanderung und Digitalisierung“

The soeb-workshop discussions are an event format with which the soeb-network is opening itself up to a professional public in order to exchange ideas and views on most relevant questions and concepts with selected external experts.

A fourth workshop discussion, named “Sozioökonomie weiter denken: Projektionen und Szenarien zu Zuwanderung und Digitalisierung” will take place on the 9th of September 2016 in the Steigenberger Hotel next to the chancellery.

Projections and scenarios are used in various research and planning sectors. The topic oft he workshop discussion, organized by the social reporting network soeb will be, which kind of role scenarios and projections could play in the scope of social reporting. Scenarios of desirable developments in the future need special political reports. On the other hand, it is possible to create model-based impact assessments to support the monitoring of social developments on topics which are less demanding. Those models enable us to review the assumptions concerning the linkage between economic and social developments. Additionally, they are able to show the range as well as the risks of different development trajectories.

Taking the example of projections, which were computed for the third report on the socioeconomic development in Germany, the methodical conditions and the possibilities of the usage of econometrical models should be shown and the new needs of sensitivity analysis and scenarios should be identified. A topical focus will be the socioeconomic consequences of the new immigration wave. In order to estimate the consequences, it is necessary to refine existing model approaches and projections. However, with regard to the second topic, the possible impacts of the digitalization of production, work and the daily life (Industry 4.0 / economy 4.0) a more general discussion on numerous controversial assumptions will be held.

You can find the program  here.



Programm PDF
Bartelheimer, Peter/ Wolter, Marc Ingo (2016): Demografischer Wandel – ändert Zuwanderung den Trend? Die neue Migration nach Deutschland – sozioökonomisch betrachtet. In: SOFI-Mitteilungen. Jg. 10. Ausgabe 24. S. 7-12. PDF
Bartelheimer, Peter: Zur Einführung PDF
Tyrell, Marcel: Impulsvortrag Digitalisierung PDF
Stöver, Britta/ Wolter, Marc Ingo/ Drosdowski, Thomas: Szenarien zur Zuwanderung. Wenn sich Schrumpfung und Alterung verspäten PDF
Wolter, Marc Ingo/ Stöver, Britta/ Drosdowski, Thomas: Wenn es so weitergeht PDF