Discussion round 1: Participation as a guiding concept in social policy

What does it mean to consider welfare as participation? How can participation be defined, observed and measured as a concept of welfare economics? What is the relationship between the participatory discourse and the life situation concept of the German social reporting tradition as well as internationally common concepts of welfare measuring, in particular the concepts of the "capability approach“ and the "quality of life“? What kind of significance does the individual scope of action have for participation in terms of the life situation concept or the amount of choices ("capabilities")? 

The soeb network presents their state of debate concerning the reference to participation with lectures by Dr. Peter Bartelheimer (SOFI) and Dr. Ortrud Leßmann (Helmut-Schmidt-University) and puts it up for discussion. Commentary is provided by Prof. Dr. Gudrun Wansing (University of Kassel) and Tina Alicke (Institute for Social Work and Social Education, Frankfurt).

Presentations (German)
Bartelheimer, Peter: Über Teilhabe berichten. Einführung und Problemaufriss. PDF
Leßmann, Ortrud: Das soeb-Teilhabekonzept im Verhältnis zu Ansätzen der Lebensqualitätsforschung: 5 Thesen. PDF
Wansing, Gudrun: Teilhabe aus Perspektive der "Behindertenforschung". PDF