Division 3: Participation in the household context and social security systems

The third research division, which encompasses three work packages, is coordinated by the Sociological Research Institute (SOFI) in Goettingen. The household context and the social security system will be observed as resources and conversion factors for individual participation. Steps towards an integrated analysis of income and wealth distribution will enable a better presentation of redistributive and participation effects of the social security systems. The re-regulation of the social minimum benefit system as interface of labour-market politics and social politics represents a spotlight topic. The reporting on household and family structures supplies basic information for other micro-analytical work packages of the research network as well as decisive context information for the evaluation of participation effects of a-typical employment patterns with precarious potential: What is the influence of changes in the working environment, in families and of social ties on individual employment trajectories?


Coordinated by:

The Sociological Research Institute at the Georg-August-University, Goettingen