Work Package 8: “Linked-Employer-Employee-Data”

The work package 8 “Linked-employer-employee-data” of the Research Data Centre (RDC-IAB) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) particularly supports the work packages 4 and 7 through the provision and maintenance of integrated personal- and operating data. The Linked Employer-Employee Data (LIAB) from the IAB allow for simultaneous analysis of the supply and demand sides of the German labour market. For this purpose, the IAB Establishment Panel data are matched with individual data from the IAB, thus providing a linked dataset which comprises data from a representative annual establishment survey as well as personal data generated in labour administration and social security data processing.

Within the work package, the RDC edited the LIAB longitudinal model according to the specified analysis requirement in the work packages 4 and 7 and provided it to the research community as one of RDC’s standard products. The longitudinal model LIAB LM 9310 covers individual data from 1993 to 2010 as well as all waves of the IAB Establishment Panel to the current wave. Details on the LIAB LM 9310 can be found on the homepage of the RDC.


Dana Müller (RDC-IAB) and Anja Wurdack (RDC-IAB)

Klosterhuber, Wolfram (2014): Vorstellung des LIAB-Datensatzes, bei: Data treasures at the Institute for Employment Research, IAB, BA Nürnberg am 23.01.2014. PDF