Work package 2: Transition of the financial structure and socioeconomic development

Starting point of WP 2, “Transition of the financial structure and socioeconomic development” (Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen) is the experience of the present financial and economic crisis. This experience shows that developments in the financial sector can fundamentally change the conditions of all other stakeholders in terms of welfare production. Therefore, indicators will be developed on the three reporting levels, which indicate risk potentials for the financial system and their potential effects for participation opportunities and entrepreneurial action in the so-called “real economy”. The indicator programme refers to the preliminary work of a DFG programme of selective measures, and takes into consideration the investment strategy of private households, financial structures of enterprises, developments in the financial sector itself (e.g. liquidity indicators, intermediation and securitisation rates) and the financial stability of the national economy (e.g. structural changes in capital flows). This WP is conceptually based on the notion of financial markets as systems in which individual elements (e.g. financing structures and corporate governance) are complementary and cannot be combined arbitrarily. Thus, financial systems in different countries should be compared according to their function logic.


Prof. Dr. Marcel Tyrell (Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen)

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