soeb 3 - The Third Report

Since autumn 2013, a newly composed research network has been working on the third report on socioeconomic development in Germany (soeb 3). The report is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Unit 425 (humanities, social and cultural sciences; academies; research museums). The project is supervised by the Project Management Agency in the DLR (PT-DLR) (field of work: environment, culture, sustainability) in Bonn.

The project's kick-off workshop on the 25th and 26th of November 2013 in Goettingen marked the start of of the collaborative effort of this network. It opened with a podium discussion with participants of various target groups of socioeconomic reporting: Dr. Frauke Eckermann from the Federal Environment Agency, Dr. Verena Liessem from the German Caritas Association, Norbert Schwarz from the Federal Statistical Office, Dr. Stefan Weick from the GESIS Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences and Walter Werner from the Association for Social Planning. The discussion determined the expectations for the work to be done in the next three years.

The soeb 3 research network consists of five divisions, each with its own management. Included in these five divisions are an overall number of 18 work packages (see subdirectory). The overall management and administrative office are located at the SOFI (Sociological Research Institute) in Goettingen. A coordination group supports the SOFI in its coordination work. Members of this group are the directors of the five divisions, plus the University of Bielefeld and the three research data centres which are involved in the soeb 3 network. In 2014, a scientific council was appointed which has an advisory function.

The research network uses a virtual research environment (VRE). The VRE is being funded by the BMBF and supervised by the PT-DLR. The aim of the VRE is to facilitate the communication within the network and the common and effective use of data.

The thematic structure of soeb 3 (displayed in the subdirectory) is based on the results of five preliminary workshop discussions which took place in Goettingen in the conceptual phase from August 2009 to November 2010. These workshops were organized by the SOFI and funded by the BMBF. The concept of holding preparatory public workshops was tested and had proven useful already in the context of soeb 2. An analysis of the workshop results rendered a proposition of thematically and methodologically defined report divisions. It was followed by a call for research proposals for each division in spring 2012. The structure of the current research network has been fixed on the basis of the suggestions received, taking into account also external expertise and organizational comments by the PT-DLR and the BMBF.

Upon request and in case of charges taken over, guest lectures are offered by the research network e.g. as part of lecture series at colleges and universities. If you are interested please use the provided contact form.

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