Workshop discussions regarding the second report

The first report on socioeconomic reporting was published in book form in 2005. In a series of six workshop discussions in 2006 and 2007 the results were processed in open discussion with other scientific and data keeping institutions:

  • Workshop discussion 1: Germany as a model (February 21st/22nd, 2006)
  • Workshop discussion 2: Regulating change – change of regulation? (March 9th/10th, 2010)
  • Workshop discussion 3: East Germany – fragmented development (April 11th/12th, 2006)
  • Workshop discussion 4: Society at company level (May 9th/10th, 2006)
  • Workshop discussion 5: ‘…and who is looking after the housemaids’ kids?’ Work and lifestyles mirrored by the economy of private households (May 16th/17th, 2006)
  • Workshop discussion 6: The German model compared internationally (December 3rd/4th, 2007)

Extensive documentations of results, order of events and lectures can be obtained under the heading of the single workshop discussions.

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