Areas of Employment Participation

Areas of labour participation are a longitudinal section measurement concept for measuring labour participation. The time of employment is recorded for a five-year period; subsequently, the labour force is divided into different areas of labour participation. Momentarily, the results for the analysis period 2000 to 2004 are available. A comprehensive introduction into the measurement concept is available on this page under the heading ‘Explanations on Areas of Labour Participation’. The area model was set up for East and West Germany, for males and females and for three age groups. Results and comments are also available here (‘Areas of Labour Participation. Results and Comments’). Moreover, based on these tables, some selected points underwent a more detailed evaluation. On the one hand, it was measured which shares in low-pay employment exist in periods of employment in individual areas of labour participation. On the other hand, it was analysed as to how far stable employment was preceded by periods of unemployment and when these occurred. The results are available on the right hand side of this page.


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Ergebnisse und Kommentierungen zu den Zonen der Erwerbsbeteiligung
Zonen der Erwerbsbeteiligung (nach Geschlecht und Ost-/Westdeutschland differenziert) PDF
Zonen der Erwerbsbeteiligung (für Erwerbspersonen unter 30 Jahren) PDF
Zonen der Erwerbsbeteiligung (für Erwerbspersonen zwischen 30 und 49 Jahren) PDF
Zonen der Erwerbsteiligung (für Erwerbspersonen ab 50 Jahren) PDF
Niedriglohnbeschäftigung in den Zonen der Erwerbsbeteiligung PDF
Anteil ehemals arbeitsloser Personen im stabilen Segment PDF
Erläuterungen zum Messkonzept PDF
Beschreibung der IEBS (Datenbasis) PDF