On soeb.de. What does socioeconomic reporting mean?

German society is in transformation. Socioeconomic reporting aims to get a better understanding of this transformation. The basic assumption made is that economy and way of life are changing simultaneously, each in its own way, while mutually influencing each other. The interplay of economy, politics, institutions and individuals doesn’t work any longer the way it used to in the ‘old’ Federal Republic. Socioeconomic reporting closely observes the individual changes as well as the changes in their interplay and is especially interested in the following questions: In what way does the increased diversity of work and life styles offer new chances for the individual to participate? And on the other hand: To what extent does it promote inequality and exclusion? Is our ‘society in a state of transformation’ able to take people along, or are large sections of the population destined to fall by the wayside? Since the data do not speak for themselves, socioeconomic reporting gathers quantitative and qualitative data and interprets them within the framework of the German social model and model of production in an attempt to find answers to questions of this kind. This approach is user-oriented and aims to provide the means to shape future developments: What has to be researched, which data in which form are needed and how can they be used in order to understand the ongoing development and to shape it?